Uncle Hendra is the coach of Team Golden Eagle. He is the uncle of Bruceli and very protective for him.


Uncle Hendra is often seen with black kopyah, a sarung hung on his neck, brown pants and a clothes. When shalat, he is seen wearing a white koko clothes.


Uncle Hendra is a caring, nice and kind person. He is very protective for anyone, especially Bruceli.


Uncle Hendra is Bruceli's uncle who is very good in his soccer skills. Very few who can defeat him, such as Coach Beta. Uncle Hendra cares about Bruceli, and always tries to protect him, especially from Old Bruceli. He has a big rivalry to Old Bruceli, normally because of Old Bruceli has claimed he is Bruceli's father. Despite this, Uncle Hendra is still kind.

Tendangan Si Madun 2Edit

Uncle Hendra is now Bruceli's father. He is often seen coaching Team Golden Eagle and lecturing them if there is any problem occuring.

Tendangan Si Madun 3Edit

Uncle Hendra makes a return in Season 3, and he is first seen in Episode 3, stopping Martin and Haris from fighting each other.


  • Full Power Kick


  • Uncle Hendra seems only can be defeated by Ex-National team player Herman and Coach Beta.