This is the list of the major teams in Tendangan Si Madun.

Team Golden Eagle

The main team in the series. It is led by Madun. Its coach is Mrs. Aisyah. The members are: Enju, Firman, Bruceli and Asep.

Team Jumbo Crocodile

The team of the main antagonists. It is led by Eric Martinos. The coach is Claudio, and the members is Willy, Ujang, Zidane, and there is one more that is unknown.

Team Blue Dragon

The one of the major teams. It is led by Fatur. Its coach is Coach Beta. Its members is Kempes, Rifki and two more is unknown.

Team Sea Lion

The team is unknown is a major team or not. It is seemingly led by Rizal and its coach is Coach Bedu. The other members' name is mentioned rarely.