Team Golden Eagle is the main team of the series. It is led by Madun.



Tendangan Si Madun 2Edit

The members are now added.



This is the techniques used by the members of Team Golden Eagle.

  • Enraged Tiger Kick, used by Madun.
  • Random Kick, used by Firman.
  • Death Kick, used by Enju.
  • Cleaver Kick, used by Bruceli.
  • I miss my Mother Kick, used by Asep.
  • Friendship Kick, used by Madun.
  • Random Tear Kick, used by Firman.
  • National Test Kick, used by Enju.
  • Mother Kick, used by both Enju and Asep.
  • Thunder Kick, used by Madun.
  • Random Kick 2, used by Firman.
  • Cobra Kick, used by Madun.
  • Serious Kick, used by Firman.
  • Eagle Claw Kick, used by Madun.
  • Deliberate Kick, used by Firman.
  • Black Camel Kick, used by Firman.
  • Bismillah Kick, used by Rehan.


Unlike the other teams, there are two coaches.

Tendangan Si Madun 2Edit

  • Rahmat Darmawan


  • Firman and Madun has the most amounts of techniques, the being is 6.
  • Bruceli has the fewest techniques.

Tendangan Si Madun 2Edit

  • Anisah is the only female member available at the team.

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