Rehan is one of the supporting character in the series. He is very good in lecturing and learning about moslem. Although Rehan hardly plays soccer, he does in a few match and plays as a substitute for Team Golden Eagle.


Rehan mostly wears a red kopyah. He also has an ordinary Indonesian people look, and he appear most of time wearing red koko clothes, a pair of shoes, and a red pants.


Rehan is a nice, caring, and kind to others. This is seen when he is lecturing. Rehan also has a wise personality.


Rehan is portrayed as a junior lecturer. He often seen lecturing the bickering Udin and Syafe'i. Rehan also seen lecturing the bickering soccer teams. He hardly plays soccer, but he does in some matches, replacing the members that are unable to attend in Team Golden Eagle.

Tendangan Si Madun 2Edit

Rehan returns in Tendangan Si Madun 2 in a very few episodes. He joined a match of Team Golden Eagle along with Anisah and a Team Golden Eagle member.


  • Bismillah Kick


  • He is fairly good at soccer, despite he is mostly good on lecturing and learning about moslem.
  • In Team Golden Eagle, Rehan is the shortest, but he is a substitute, so he is the shortest in the minor members, while Bruceli is the shortest of the major member.