Ms. Bilqis is the coach of Gladiator team, Southern Jakarta team. She is seen been liked by Udin and Syafe'i in a few episodes. Uncle Hendra also has a crush on her, and so Ms. Bilqis herself likes him.


Mrs. Bilqis has an ordinary Indonesian people look, and she appear to wear kerudung most of the time.


Little known abowt Mrs. Bilqis' personality, but she is caring and kind.


Mrs. Bilqis is coming from Khairra and she is shown as the coach of Team Gladiator, Southern Jakarta's Team. Ms. Bilqis and Uncle Hendra is seen liking each other. Syafe'i and Udin also has a crush on her in a few episodes.


  • Mrs. Bilqis is the second woman that is been liked by more than one man. The first is Mrs. Aisyah.
  • Mrs. Bilqis didn't return in Tendangan si Madun 2 and it shares this with Ms. Aisyah, Coach Beta and Old Bruceli.