Mrs. Aisyah is the coach of Team Golden Eagle. She is the woman that Syafe'i and Mr. Udin had a crush for. Mrs. Aisyah is one of the supporting character.


Mrs. Aisyah has an ordinary Indonesian people look, and she appear to wear kerudung most of the time.


Mrs. Aisyah is nice, soft and kind, but feels uncomfortable when with Mr. Udin.


Mrs. Aisyah is the coach of Team Golden Eagle. Both Udin and Syafe'i has a crush for her, making Zaenab upset because Zaenab thinks Udin betrayed his dead wife, and Kirana gets jealous to her. In a case, Mrs. Aisyah almost married Udin because she is forced to, but Martin and Zaenab stops them from married. She seemingly has a disliking for Udin, because of his flirty personality, and often calls her 'Darling'. In a few episodes, she is seen treating her sick father.


  • Mrs. Aisyah is the one of the women that is liked by more than one man. The others is Ms. Bilqis.
  • She didn't return in Tendangan Si Madun 2. This shares with Mrs. Bilqis, and Old Bruceli.