Kirana is Madun's mother, and one of the supporting character. She is a housewife. Kirana is very opposite from Syafe'i, who despises soccer, while Kirana does not and keeps supporting Madun.


Kirana has an ordinary Indonesian people look, and she appear to wear long ciput.


Kirana's personality is very opposite from Syafe'i, who is stubborn and get angry easily, while she is soft and kind. Kirana seems to more considerate for Madun.


Kirana is a housewife, who doesn't do anything and stay in the house, but supports Madun to become a soccer player. When Syafe'i scolds Madun because he is playing soccer, she begin to cry, but Syafe'i still didn't give an inch. Kirana is seen become a religious scholar, replacing Syafe'i. Later she is seen become a 'mother' of Team Golden Eagle. If Syafe'i seen to have a crush on Mrs. Aisyah, Kirana gets jealous very easily.

Tendangan Si Madun 2Edit

Kirana now supports Madun for playing soccer with Syafe'i. Ms. Mariam also has deep hatred to her, as seen she tries to embarass her multiple times.

Tendangan Si Madun 3Edit

Kirana is never seen in Season 3, but when Madun mentions 'this house has many memories of Mom' she may have possibly died. Kirana is never seen, only mentioned.


  • When Kirana is forbidden by her husband to perform as a religious scholar in a TV, Kirana becomes the second to be forbidden to do something in Madun's family, the others being Madun.
  • In Season 3, she may have possibly died, as seen Madun mentions her only and she had never appeared even in one episodes.