Coach Beta is the coach of team Blue Dragon, East Jakarta's team. He is very strong in his soccer skills, even he can defeat Uncle Hendra.


Coach Beta has an ordinary Indonesian people look, but he is blind and always dressed in blue shirt, white koko clothes, brown pants, kets shoes and a purple peci. He often carries a stick, which becomes his weapon and tool to walk.


Coach Beta has a wise personality, and he always does the right. He is also kind to all.


Coach Beta is portrayed as a blind, but wise person. He is very good in his soccer skills, and seems he is undefeatable. Coach Beta only can be defeatable if he is in a bad mood. He first debuted to train Madun who is blind because wounded when playing soccer. Coach Beta even can defeat Uncle Hendra, and Herman because he is the strongest of them all.


  • 1000 Shadow Kick


  • It's unknown what is Syafe'i's reaction when see Madun practice soccer with Coach Beta.
  • Coach Beta is the one of Tendangan Si Madun 1 characters that never returns in Tendangan Si Madun 2. The others is Mrs. Aisyah, Mrs. Bilqis and Old Bruceli. However this is later proved to be false as he makes a return in Tendangan Si Madun 2.
    • Later, Coach Beta will return in Season 3.